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New Music Video "Come Back Home"

New video for "Living the Dream" is out! Check it out! LIVING THE DREAM VIDEO

New Single "Come Back Home"

Our new radio single "Come Back Home" hits the radio waves on December 1st! Also will be relasing to Itunes, Amazon Music, Google Music and Spotify!

Booking for 2017

Want to see us at your favorite watering hole, local fair, brewery, winery, bar party, graduation party or anywhere else that would have us? Shoot us a message below we would love to try and book there!

New Merch!

We have new shirts, koozies and stickers available! We also have a new album coming out this summer! Come to a live show to get an awesome vintage BR shirt or the perfect koozie to keep your drinks cold!

BR signs with Galaxy Audio

BR has signed with Wichita, KS company Galaxy Audio. Galaxy is a company that makes professional audio products such as in ear monitors, speakers, microphones and more. Tim & Joel will be using their top of the line AS1800 in ear monitors at their live shows. Check out for all of your pro audio needs!

OUR Music

We are currently in the process of releasing our first studio album! The album will have songs ranging from love songs to heartbreak, fast songs to slow songs and everything in between.

In the meantime check out the songs Tim has had done in the studio in the last couple years as we play all of these at our live shows. We have several songs at the top of the website as well as on Itunes, Amazon, Google Music and Spotify.

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Feb 3rd
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"Ride the Lightning"
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Blacktop Road


The amazing story

how Blacktop Road began...

Blacktop Road is made up a great band of guys from Kansas. Formerly known as the Tim Strathman Band and an acoustic group, BR decided to merge the two groups and go by Blacktop Road. Playing venues across the Midwest they bring energy and Red Dirt music to anyone they meet that has opening for numerous artists like Chris Cagle, Casey Donahew, Logan Mize, Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, Curtis Grimes and many more. Lots of dates lined up in 2017 always looking for more as well! We would love for you to come along on the ride!